Wednesday, August 5, 2015

vi kommer tilbage

doesn't it feel strange when you walk into your house after a long absence?  almost like walking onto a set recreated to look like your home.  because you can't remember every detail so something mundane's bound to surprise you.  "huh, so that's what the woodgrain on the floor looked like..."  that sort of thing... 

but when you're william and henry walking into your home after nearly three months, you only have eyes for those toys that have been sitting nicely on the shelf uncared for in your absence... 

so yes, we're home, and blogging has resumed as suddenly as the u.s. had put a stop to it.  at least i hope so.  maybe i can wade through all those pictures of our summer someday soon.  at least that's my plan.  right now it's 5:33 p.m. wherever we last changed the time on this computer, which means it's 12:33 in the morning here.  the house was, of course, closed up when we got here and it was warm, too warm, so all the windows got opened.  it's a land mostly without mosquitos (at least when you compare it to the muggy mosquito haven of the midwest) but it's also a land without screens, so while we don't have mosquitos in the house i have practically every other type of bug buzzing and flying around me as i type this.  both the late hour and the bugs are telling me it's time to turn off the lights and go to sleep, but there are also two very awake time-confused boys upstairs right now and i have a feeling they're not going to be falling asleep anytime soon.  

we have some super sweet neighbors who were watching our house (i.e. flushing our toilet) and checking our mail for us while we were gone and when we got home we found they'd graced a shelf of our fridge with food and a large bowl with apples.  such a very, very nice surprise.  

here are the boys snacking on some of the treats... they were so excited to be eating "danskmad"... danish food again... rye bread, liver paté, summer sausage, that henry put the sausage on top of the paté, which very possibly no danish person has ever considered.  

and now i hear him upstairs, "you go down first william."

... hmm... mischief abounds. time to post.

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nina said...

It's equally strange that I am a better friend when you're far away and that I can know some details of your everyday now, even as I felt like you had disappeared off the face of the earth for months while you were just minutes down the road.
Welcome home! I'm so happy to be reading TYID again!