Tuesday, August 11, 2015

when you're four

early this morning i woke up to the sound of rain and thunder.  my first thought was the burley.  i knew i'd left it sitting out, uncovered, and it was getting soaked.  this is a testament to the warm, dry weather we've had since we got back.  we're not back in the habit yet of securing one of our main components of transportation from the elements.  my second thought was, 'is it safe to ride a bike through a thunderstorm?' or is it kind of like being in the swimming pool or standing under a tree?  for as much rain as we get here (rather, for as often as we get rain here) we seldom get lightning. (that's one reason why it's a lot easier for danes to send their kids out to play in the rain and say there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing, than it is for folks in the u.s.)  as often as we've ridden bikes in rainy weather here, you'd think we'd know what to do when it came to lightning.  well, it didn't matter.  by the time william was out of the house, the lightning was over.  

and then, again, it was a day of henry... 
trying out the umbrella he picked up in the giveaway room while we picked cherries for the oatmeal

blowing bubbles

making cookies

trying out the whittling knife william whittled for him

the chariot, drying out
and the forecast promises no rain until saturday.


nina said...

I'm just two steps away from you right now and yes indeed, Europe is having fine weather! Poland is in the middle of a heat wave. Amsterdam is clear and mild. I'm so buoyed by the forecasts that I didn't even pack an umbrella. So if I get wet in the next two weeks, I can tell myself that the weather was fine, it's just my packing that sucked.

greg|regan said...

welcome back nina!