Thursday, August 6, 2015

wednesday that was never going to be tuesday

if i thought our first full day back at home would be low-key, easy going, it wasn't entirely meant to be.  one of our suitcases is missing in space with not a word to be heard from the airport about it and inside that suitcase is our calendar.  i've known that at some point soon after returning i'd be going in for my third shot of zoladex but figured, 'eh.  i'll get the calendar back soon, and then i'll pay attention to the date of that appointment.'  fortunately i put the appointment card in rather plain sight (i think it popped out at me when i opened the silverware drawer last night) and saw that the appointment was scheduled for today at 11:15.  this meant greg worked from home on the first morning of his day back and my bike got a quick dusting off, complete with quick tune up.  it meant sitting in the special waiting/treatment room #14 of the oncology department wondering what the older woman across from me was wondering about me as she looked on with nothing else to do while getting an iv of something or other.  nothing special here.  just another day of forced early menopause to try to prevent something worse.  just a little post-treatment treatment.  i nearly took the bus to this appointment because just the thought of needing to go to the oncology wing of the hospital for anything having to do with my health is enough to make me feel slightly emotionally laid up, and somehow taking the bus would be my way of suggesting that this unpleasant experience just go ahead and get the better of me.  and that seemed a little silly.  i've biked my way to worse things than this after all.

later, the boys and i had a really pleasant walk (well, i did the walking, they did the sitting in the burley) to the grocery store.  on the way back i dug out my camera (i.e. phone) to catch a little of the beauty that surrounds us on sunshiney days like today, and as soon as i went to hit 'click' it died on me, so no pictures for now.

then the boys and i biked over to the house of some friends (kid friends and adult friends) and had a nice time sitting/playing outside in the backyard.  henry rode william's old bike "winther" and really loved it.  it's bigger than his old bike, coco plus, so it could mean much less burley time once preschool starts back up again, as i think it's much easier for him to ride.  he threw his legs out to the side on every downhill, and i, of course, rode behind him holding my breath.

then dinner.  then a game of bananagrams.  then william struggling for the second night to fall asleep.  it's 12:23 right now and i haven't heard a peep out of him in at least 5 minutes, so there's a chance he's fallen asleep at least two hours earlier than he did last night.  if he can keep that up, he'll be back on schedule in a couple of days for the start of school on monday.  i'm not sure i'm going to hold my breath for that one though.

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