Monday, August 27, 2012


there was a long stretch this morning... actually the 5.8 kilometers it takes to get from the language school to home... and for a few hours after that... that i felt like it might as well have been day one in denmark.  bordering on overwhelmed.  new class.  new teacher. new books.  classmates far ahead of me in their danish skills.  the first test two weeks from now... apparently all oral... the weakest link in my floundering abilities.  and the cold, penetrating my fleece.

despite my need to catch up quick, i found ways to put off doing my homework for the few hours i was back at home before picking up the guys, which leaves me with right now to try to get some of tomorrow's homework done.  the other stuff requires listening to a cd... something i have no means to do until i can go out and buy a cd player.

so, i'll try to turn my brain back on, at least for a little while, and work on danish.  but i'll leave you with some pictures from dinner... where both i and the salad and lentils were powerless to keep the guys at the table...

yes... unfortunately, he walked into the table.  no... it really didn't bother him.



Anonymous said...

Can't you use your computer to play the cd?

greg|regan said...


Nope! It's too small. No CD drive.