Sunday, August 19, 2012

hi again

oh blog... i miss you. greg says it feels like we haven't done anything eventful when you're not there to account for things. i miss you, but even more i miss being able to type a post out on a real computer, to see what i'm typing, to have my fingers keep up with my thoughts.  which should all rematerialize tomorrow when they push the magic button to bring this house into the 21st century.

but of course that's not the only event going on these past few days that i've neglected my blogging duties.  like how i jabbed my finger with one of our new and ultra piercing ikea knives. it's funny how when you have a new knife you're more likely to do that, just because the weight's different, and how when you're in a new kitchen you temporarily forget how to cook. that happened too. i barely threw a mushpot davy together the other night, as if with a blindfold on.  it could have just as easily turned into a mushpot disaster.

and also meeting judy (hi judy, if you're reading this) an american living in america now, but who lived in roskilde for a year with husband and two kids. visiting for two weeks. and who brought me three recent newspapers that i was so excited to hold in my hands and read that i stayed up one night doing just that instead of staying up to blog about how i'd met judy and she'd brought me three newspapers and how excited i was to read them.

and of course the news that we are officially the keepers of house guests for one week! greg's aunt, and his cousin and his wife who traveled here via norway and iceland with ... are you ready for their daringness... their two year old!  you have to commend that type of crazy adventurousness.

i'll post pictures, maybe tomorrow, and tell of our wanderings.  tonight i'll just be happy to have done another, and hopefully final, phone post.

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