Monday, August 13, 2012


 writing from my phone. i have no idea how data works, so this could be a very expensive post. i thought i'd post a post a picture but that proved to take up more time than i was willing to spend. 
in a quiet house now. looking over my danish class outline, sort of.  it will be my first day back to class after a long break. we have a practice exam today... our first one-- real or fake. 
our first weekend in the house worked. 
we got food on the table and ate outside last night because it felt kind of like summer.  but when i look outside and see apples (not many) beginning to ripen on our tree, and i see kids returning to school this morning, i don't have the usual sense of relief, welcoming, and acceptance that fall is on its way and the intensity (in the sense of temperature) of summer is on its way out, because although it's been a pleasant summer, on the whole,  there have been less than a handful of times that we've said out loud that it's hot. summer doesn't get to flex its muscle here. you don't say 'enough already.' 

well, i shoild put some paragraphs into this thing and post. the internet company says they won't be out here until the 20th. you can do everything instantly these days-- except, apparently, get internet service.

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nina said...

Oh! So no Skype either?

(I have always wondered if my connections to Poland would have remained stronger had there been Skype when I first moved here...)

Are there cafes that can oblige with WiFi for you?

On the subject of summer: you live in moderate climes. I will be envious when we hit (and stay forever in) winter.