Wednesday, August 8, 2012

shopping cart on the front lawn

we started moving things over to the other house, aided significantly tonight by a neighbor who saw greg loading up the burley and offering to drive him and even more things over to the house.  we quickly filled up about five blue bins to load into her car.

earlier today we cleaned (e.g. the kitchen floor for the second time.  something it needed.), painted, unpacked ikea pillows and comforters and a shopping cart full of small things (when ikea delivers little things to you, they bring it in a shopping cart) put together beds, unrolled rugs, washed new sheets and duvet covers.

and more walls...

see the little man we inherited?  i don't know how long he'll be with us.

also that gold mirror on the floor...

there's a bit of confusion about whether we need to leave this place clean and vacant by saturday or sunday.  i woke up today giddy that it was only wednesday, but now tomorrow is already thursday.  the hours the boys are at school is not enough these past two weeks.

okay, time to be productive.


nina said...

Now that I've slowed down from high speed to dial-up pace living, I've been wondering about you. Thank you for writing despite it all.

You two are such a good team!

Oh, and two days is actually a very long time. (Unless you decide the kitchen needs a third cleaning.)

(Did you get a haircut? It looks nicely 'trimmed'!)

greg|regan said...


Why the slow down? We were ordering Danish internet the other night and didn't quite know what we were choosing when we chose the cheapest plan, but we assumed it could not possibly be dial-up because "dial-up doesn't exist anymore, does it?" Or is it just a metaphor for your pace of living?

Good team-- we like to think of ourselves as such.

The kitchen needs a third and fourth cleaning I think, but I'll hold off.

No haircut unfortunately. At least it's growing out evenly on all sides!

nina said...

Go, team! I'd send you a housewarming gift, but it looks like all you need is cleaning rags and vinegar. I'll hold off.
Happy moving day(s)!