Saturday, August 4, 2012

i wrote the blog, we went to bed

"dar (sic) vader was just about to eat his lunch on the hot lava planet when all of a sudden a bullet landed in his soup!"

that's the beginning of the bedtime story william told me tonight.  turns out the guilty party was luke skywalker on his x-wing.  a large battle ensued.

before that, three rounds of rock, paper, scissors, which we taught him yesterday.  he waits until we've thrown down our object and then decides what he'll play.  he's never lost this way.

before that, a game of go fish.  he won, five sets to my four and greg's one.

today he asked us if a person could marry more than one person.  later in the day he asked me if a person had to get married.  when i asked him what was making him think of marriage, he said, 'it's just that... i'm going to be with you always.'  my little four year old.

then there's henry, who ate all his beets at dinner.  a delicious salad with roasted chick peas (what else?), potatoes, and beets, goat cheese, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, oregano, and salt & pepper...

before dinner, greg painted some more at the other house.  

henry napped.  

we had eggs and pancakes for lunch.

while it was being made, henry watched a neighbor mow the lawn and said 'lawnmower' ('mormor') over and over.  he's not a man of many words, so why 'lawnmower' made it into his vocabulary and not say, 'ball' i won't know.  but it's cute.  

before that, we were at the other house with neighbors who gave us a very nice bookcase they no longer used.  i'll generalize here, but in denmark, you don't hold onto furniture you replace.  you don't stick it in your basement, for example, like we might do in the u.s.  you get rid of it, even the very nice stuff, because you don't have the space to keep it.  no space for sentimental attachment to your furniture.  again, i'm generalizing.  or maybe i'm assuming.

and in the morning, i got a text that we could go look at a used bike we were interested in.  but the guy wanted us to come then, when we were all still getting breakfast together.  so greg ran across town and rode back with a ladies in-town bike.  

one or two more to go and we'll have transportation for all our visitors, and spares for us, when our own inevitably break down.  

we woke up.  goodmorning! 


nina said...

Did Henry eat just the beets or the entire salad? A foodie is born. One who likes lawns.

Superb summery of serendipitous summer scenes ('S' is easy).

greg|regan said...

No-- his love of greens remains with the lawn I suppose. William too mostly poked around the lettuce, but he ate a bit of it.