Wednesday, August 29, 2012

sunglasses, handprints, novellas, desserts, kale, planes, trains, and automobiles

got the guys off to school.  here... these make me smile...

then, vacuumed up while katie graciously cleaned greasy handprints from windows.  i suppose i could have kept the old lentils and other scruff on the floor, as well as the handprints on the glass, to make the house that much less appealing to the eye, but even when it means a person might buy a house right out from under you, you still sort of want to make a good impression.

then katie and i headed into town, walked around the pedestrian street.  we went into a bookstore and i bought a danish-english (and vice versa) dictionary.  google translate is just too unpredictable and part of the requirements for my new class-- and well, for the test in two weeks, is to read three "short" danish books (i would call them novellas).

after, we had lunch at the coffee shop with the best desserts, and so, of course, we had dessert as well, and talked about our shared experience living in denmark.

in the afternoon we picked up the guys.  katie went back to copenhagen.  william, henry, and i had scrambled eggs and kale for dinner, and amazingly they both ate up all of their kale, happily.

tomorrow night, as long as three planes, a train, and a bus all head out on time, we should have greg home for dinner.  he's already begun his journey.

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nina said... he there yet??

Funny how a short few days can seem like a long few days...