Tuesday, August 14, 2012


cleaned the guest room.  now it is ready for a new coat of paint and some assembly. i'm trying not to have hard feelings for the guy who lived here before us, non-cleaner that he was, and i can't even say it is entirely his fault. it's the way this house was constructed. there are countless small, useless spaces meant for letting dust and dirt in, and for keeping rags out.  but the floors... maybe he could've done something about these before he left, or at any point while living here.  i say maybe because maybe he has a really good excuse.

another post, typed out on a telephone.  our internet equipment arrived today, but still, next week before they push the magic button and turn it on.  i likely won't have time to take my computer to a coffee shop, so i envision short posts for now.



KK said...

You've done great setting up your new place! It was wonderful "seeing" you the other night. I was crazy busy with the dinner, but all turned out great! Your mother looked beautiful! I hope you get your internet soon. Hugs to all

nina said...

I'm so looking forward to your return here! It's like being a parent and having your kid go off to the Amazon or something: you applaud their spirit but want them back on line asap. ASAP!