Sunday, August 26, 2012


i made some false assumptions today...

... that burritos wouldn't be a messy meal.

... that i could let a one and a half year old walk around with a cup of milk and not end up with milk in between the drawers of the refrigerator.

... that a little boy who indicated he was tired at 7 would take less than an hour and half to finally fall asleep.

... that a bigger boy would clean up all his toys with as much zeal as he did last night when ice cream was part of the equation.

but i also didn't assume some very fine things...

... like that we'd get to skype with greg three times (thrice!)... once to keep william company while henry napped and i showered... once while i attempted to get those ultimately sloppy burritos made.

... that some old neighbors would stop by to pick up some borrowed items and stay for coffee and tea and hot chocolate.

... that henry and william would have so many successful, independent moments, playing well together, while i did whatever it was i thought needed to be done to keep the house in roughly one piece.

w, h, and a random pair of superhero underwear 
but of course, there were plenty of these moments as well...

now, two sleepers later, and it's time for me to figure out how to get to the language school tomorrow and to study up a bit so i don't feel as completely clueless then as i feel now.  

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nina said...

I'm just so impressed with this: skype as an over the ocean baby sitter. I had to read that part to Ed -- we've been talking about the way life may improve in ways that can't be measured in wages or dollars or krone. Fantastic!