Thursday, August 9, 2012

the fridge can be deceiving

at 7:30 i wanted to get into bed and fall asleep.  but at that point, there weren't even sleeping children.  and now it's confirmed that we really do need to be out of here on saturday.  that information has given me my second wind, so this will be fast and then i'll start working again.

we spent the morning at the thrift store purchasing furniture, dishes, a couple wall hangings, more rugs, and other bits and pieces.  in the afternoon, i was cleaning the fridge and found food inside it.

now this fridge has been opened up by us many times, presumably opened by the realtor and anyone else who looked at renting the house, and, of course, was emptied by the last tenant.  and yet that food wasn't found until today.  hidden behind a shelf, it looked a bit like summer sausage and possibly something else, but it landed in the garbage faster than we could do even a cursory inspection.

that was today's fun.  we're planning to start sleeping over there tomorrow.  we ordered internet the other day but who knows how many months it will take for actual installation.

okay, more tomorrow.

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