Sunday, August 5, 2012

rock on

i'm almost seeing a house i will be happy to live in-- not because the cleaning is almost done.  it's not.  let me tell you-- no cleaning was done over the course of this weekend.  but there was painting.  lots of painting, and it's making rooms look so much nicer.  not to mention all the nail holes that are patched up now.  we also inherited another bookcase (that brings us up to three bookcases) and a mattress.  tomorrow we're slated to inherit a lamp, and to acquire, by means of purchase, many, many more things.  and right now there's fresh lavender in the rooms that needed a change of scent.  also, the lawn was mowed and the mailbox emptied.  

greg was responsible for all the progress (other than emptying the mailbox, and for that, i had henry's help).  i made a sweet lego house with william though, while henry napped.  

burritos for dinner.  have you ever browned rice before cooking it?  try it!  or try it again!  then cook it in broth with tomatoes.  also onions and garlic.  

and check out these lovely pictures... 

have i ever mentioned that having two boys is all about eating dirt?

it's true.

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