Friday, August 24, 2012

snail dance

back at home... for a day where lists were made, bathrooms were cleaned, laundry was done, toys were played with, and a bag was packed... for a trip to cancun.  greg's trip.  a work conference.

tomorrow too, family leaves, and so it will be a (doing some mindfulness here) easy, enjoyable weekend, just me and the guys.  (during the week we will have new house guests.)

but today, family rented a car and drove to one of denmark's islands south of us.  because of our impending temporary shift to single parent household status, we stayed back to check things off of aforementioned lists... none of which included the directive to study danish.  my danish lessons are changing.  they finally found a class i could fit into at the language school, so i'm upping my lessons from one and a half hours per class, twice a week, to two and a half hours per class, thrice a week!  (why don't we use thrice more often?  it's a fun word that rhymes with twice.)  apparently this class uses different books than my current class (even though it's through the same school)... so i can't do any homework until i attend the first class, which i could have done beginning this week, but because this was our vacation week, i didn't, which means i'm seven and a half hours behind, instead of three.  yikes!

i had a dream last night, a recurring theme, the subject of which changes, depending on my current area of study, that i was hopelessly behind in danish lessons, and we were being tested, which in this dream included performing a choreographed dance routine that i did not know.  i felt like a complete slacker.

i think i'll study this weekend in between henry putting legos in the toilet and william power washing the house.  i'm sure i'll show up for my first class completely prepared.


here's a picture of william with a snail friend today...

until tomorrow!

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