Saturday, August 25, 2012


a morning that began bright and early with goodbyes.  everyone was up and out the door by six, greg included.  the guys and i hung out on the couch for awhile and then i dove into getting the guest room readied again and vacuuming and staying on top of dishes, in between breakfast, snacks, diapers, getting  henry and myself dressed (william took initiative for getting himself dressed), playing outside, looking at books, lunch, naps, etc.  oh, and monitoring the dryer.  a new dryer to figure out and just as confusing as the one at our old place.  the best i've discovered is to run it on the timed 40 minute cycle.  it worked today for a bunch of sheets, or maybe it was towels, in less than two cycles, but i feel like i've been running this last load since early afternoon.  i really hope those responsible for coming up with the symbols on these scandinavian machines are not also the ones in charge of coming up with the danger symbols at radiation sites that are supposed to clue people in thousands of years from now to stay away from the radioactivity.

it was overcast, cool, and on-again, off-again rainy.  we stopped by to say hi to some of our old neighbors this afternoon and my friend, sarah, said you can feel it in the air... summer is over.  when i pulled green beans from the fridge tonight for dinner, i thought, 'oh, this CSA...  never giving us seasonal produce..." and then i realized that it really is the season for green beans... and eggplant... and red peppers... the things we got in our box last week... it just completely doesn't feel like it today.  last saturday-- yes.  today... no. maybe not again until next year.  i'm not feeling so devastated about it though.  we had some good days, especially earlier in the week.  this season, call it summer if you like, hasn't been a total bust by any means.

right now i'm sitting in the living room listening to the bass of some loud dance music coming from some nearby house.  for living on basically the most suburban block you can imagine, it is amazing how much it reminds me of college (except that i think we're talking about high schoolers here)... it's like teen lane and the party and the teenagers just shift from one house to another on any given (though usually weekend) night.  i don't know where the parents are and why they're not insisting they turn the music down just a bit or talk with "quiet voices" after 9 p.m. while walking down the street in a large mass because there might be little sleeping children, and parents who want them to remain asleep, just inside of any given house on this block.  yes, i sound like i'm not in college anymore.  i know it.

okay, time to feed myself.  this single parenting thing doesn't allow you to linger over your dinner, go back for seconds or not spend half of dinner under the table, picking up rice from the floor. so, despite the ice cream william and i enjoyed after henry went to bed, i'm still hungry.  maybe i'll have two very good sleepers (henry's been up once already), at least while i'm eating!


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nina said...

Always the most difficult thing to figure out in foreign rentals is how to run the damn washer and dryer. Always.

Interesting about the noisy teens. My nephew says that Swedes also party hard when they're done with work for the week. Maybe it's a fear of winter...

I dislike noise from neighbors so much that it's reason enough for me to never ever live within spittin' distance of anyone.

Poland was always pretty quiet though. Maybe you should visit Poland.

Though really, I think for your next vacation it has to be Spain or southern France. For the glorious sunshine. Cheap flights, booked ahead are... cheap!