Friday, August 10, 2012


i mopped myself into a corner, so i'm taking a break to blog.  maybe the last post for a bit as we don't have internet at our new house yet and this house is no longer ours as of 7:15 tomorrow morning.  we spent the day bringing the rest of our things over (though our fridge here is still full).  also cleaning.  our things from the thrift store were to be delivered today sometime after noon.  around 11 greg happened to be over at the new house, dropping things off and looking, unsuccessfully, for some rags i wanted.  i happened to walk outside this house just as a delivery truck, driven by a woman, drove slowly past our parking lot, with her head turned, as if anticipating a side street.  i figured this was our stuff (and it was) so i rode over.  fortunately.  although i suppose she would have helped greg get the furniture near the front door if i hadn't come to help carry things.  i think we bought the heaviest dining room table ever to be made, but we love it.  it was our one splurge (and still we spent less than a thousand on that, plus two couches, 6 chairs, two nightstands (which didn't make it into the truck somehow), two or three rugs, a wool blanket, some wall art, a tricycle, royal copenhagen plates, some glasses, mugs, silverware, candle holders, and sidewalk chalk).

after the furniture, we went back and continued working on the other house until early afternoon when we went back over and spent about an hour putting william and henry's room together, moving couches and rugs around to make the place look livable and exciting for the guys.  i took pictures but left that camera over at the non-internet house so they will have to wait for another post.

now i'm back over here, finishing up.  waiting to skype with family. plotting how i will find an internet connection at 11 o'clock tomorrow night to see my mom get married thousands of miles away.

the floor is dry enough now that i don't have an excuse to keep blogging.

until tomorrow, or the next day, or the next.  or the one after that.

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nina said...

Just one comment: I hope so so much you can watch your mom's wedding. Can you bond with your neighbors and "borrow" their internet say, in their garden? [In the alternative, there's replay.]