Sunday, November 11, 2012


another good morning.  we are on a roll with them.  (anything more than one means being on a roll.)

william has been really into practicing his letters.  we were listening to elizabeth mitchell (a kids' singer, good enough for adults, for those of you with little kids looking for some kid music you can enjoy) and her rendition of 'this land is your land' inspired william to want to write his first sentences: "no cars, no pollution in denmark.  bicycles are allowed."  our green child.  

greg took the guys to the library so i could write my words (which i did).  the plan was to renew 'peter pan and wendy' because william's been really enjoying it.  i have too, and greg already finished it, but someone else had requested it, so now we have to wait a month (or until they return it) to get it back.  sad day.  

we spent the rest of the day cooking (greg) and cleaning (me) and napping (henry) and playing (william) and then our two-doors-down american neighbors came over for dinner.  it was a lovely, fun time.  and the husband, of course, grew up in a suburb of chicago.  i say of course because now one-third of the six americans i have met here have come from the suburbs of chicago (like me).  another third from california, and the other third from the east coast. 

and now, because it's veteran's day, and because i still have danish homework to get through before i go to bed, i will end now and leave you with a picture of my grandfather from 1952 during the korean war, posted by my uncle today on fb... 

who this little guy takes his middle name, wilson, from... 

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