Wednesday, November 28, 2012


william and henry get out their toolbox after dinner.  william says, "let's build something! come on dada, let's go get some junk!"  he means recyclables piling up in our laundry room.  they settle on egg cartons and i do a quick internet search of christmas decorations you can make with egg cartons.  turns out to be pretty obvious-- just cut out each little cup and decorate, then stick a pipe cleaner or twist tie in the top and attach it to your tree.  we watched a whole video about this though, and then cut away until henry decided to start trying to play with the scissors.  but we got a couple started anyway... 

henry was starting to get a little tired... here he is in his 'nukas'... his inexplicable word for snowman (pajamas)... 

in other news, i wrote, wrote, wrote today so that i'm a little over 48,600 words in, which is less than one day's worth of writing left to go.  this is good, because i only have two more days to finish, and each day i have at least a little something during my usual writing time that does not involve writing.  i have sort of been limping along, at least mentally, for the past four or five days, as my two main characters engaged in a too-long discussion which i could not figure out how to end.  the older guy just wouldn't stop talking.  finally i had the bartender interrupt and that ended it, so i was able to get going on some resolving and concluding in these final days.  it has been a fun project, but i have to say, i am really looking forward to december first.

ah, and yesterday's book club was a lot of fun.  we ate food and talked, well, mostly not about the book (sorry pearl and winnie), but i would still deem it a success.  our next book will be the kite runner, which i think almost everyone in the world has read, but me.

enjoy wednesday! the last one in november.  


Kendee said...

Glad to see those jammies are put to good use! Love the Hanna's :) Also, love how crafty you guys are. Can we have an ornament for our tree?!

nina said...

Bartenders rule!

So, do we get to know about/read your story? :)

greg|regan said...

Hi Kendee,

Actually, these are not the jammies you speak of. Those have gotten lots of use though, but are now, finally, getting a little small on him. But they lasted in great shape through two little boys! Also-- the craftiness level is questionable here, but any craftiness of mine came thanks to your craftiness because what I always remember is making jewelry with you!

Hi Nina,

Good question. It does seem a little cruel (?) to keep talking about this story and then say no one ever gets to see it, but if that does become the case, it is only because I'm actually sparing you from a sloppily and hastily put together story! I will go back and read it one of these days soon (I never re-read parts, unless I needed to remember something) and see what I think!