Sunday, November 4, 2012

everyone who builds a fort

greg assures us there were no photogenic moments from their adventuring today when he forgot to bring the camera along.  not even when william found the fort he'd built with his classmates and there was a gold coin hammered into the tree, and william said, "everyone who builds a fort gets a gold coin!" (he also regretfully informs us there is no way william constructed, what was actually a well-designed tee-pee, four times his height.  though william would claim otherwise.)

so the morning went like yesterday's.  greg took the guys out adventuring.  i wrote.  i met my daily word target, plus a little more, then stopped to clean up the house.  vacuuming.  another of those requisite house-grooming to-do's i've been putting off-- which is not even to say it hasn't been done in the last seven days.  it's more that in order for this house to look well-ish-groomed, one might vacuum twice a day, especially where food and little fingers and little mouths are concerned.  (but never have i ever met that target.)  they ate lunch out on their adventure and we did not have dinner here, so as i write this, the floor is still clean, but tomorrow brings with it new bowls of oatmeal, handfuls of raisins, cups of milk, and so, before the clock strikes eight, i will be behind, once more, in my domestic responsibilities.

my friend, jean, from class, came over this afternoon with her teenaged daughter.  we walked over to our old place, to introduce her daughter to my old landlord's daughter, who is about the same age.  greg made brownies, and jean and her daughter brought along two kinds of cake.  we sat around the table drinking coffee and tea, eating brownies and cake, until jean and her daughter had to go.  then we were invited to stay for dinner, and so, because our plan for dinner was eggs and bacon, we accepted, and ate a delicious curry, with many toppings, which was based on one of the netherlands' popular dishes, rijsttafel (rice table, from a whole conglomeration of dishes from the indonesian archipelago, when the dutch colonized the 'east indies,' but also presented to us very similar to a curry dish my mom happens to make, taken from the mennonite cookbook, more with less. when we got home i looked in the cookbook to see if the author mentioned rijsttafel as an inspiration, but alas, there were no notes about the recipe.)

so that was our day.  writing and adventures.  friends and food.  a fairly put-together house.  and now, time for bed.  goodnight! 

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