Wednesday, November 7, 2012


greg is right now in the kitchen, finishing up the cornbread with william and henry.  prior to his arrival you would have seen henry up on the counter, stirring the dry ingredients, with my continual reminders to keep things in the bowl, as i got the eggs, milk, and oil ready.  then william climbing up next to him ("mama, can we scootch some of this kitchen stuff over?") and asking henry, "skal jeg hjælpe dig?" (shall i help you?).  and then, while my back was turned, you would have seen them taking turns shaking chili powder into the dry ingredients (this after william ground in some black pepper).

and now here i am, hoping to get a blog post out before late evening, which is the usual, because i have my first paid (hopefully paid, if i got my 'business' set up correctly this afternoon) editing work, received not an hour ago, and it is a rush job.  eek.  it's also a scientific piece, so i want to be less than exhausted looking it over.  hence, you have an early blogpost.

so, i set up a company today.  the only way for another company to pay me.  a month or two ago, at the suggestion of my editing/translating friend, i ordered myself some free business cards.  i did this in a small window of time and chose a name hastily: english edit.  i didn't like it after i chose it, felt it needed a little editing itself, but as i have 200 business cards sitting in a box with the name, i kept it when registering a sole proprietorship today.  so that's me now.  english edit.  sigh.

in novel-land update, i got my words done for today.  i hoped that today and tomorrow i'd have some time to get ahead, but that didn't happen today.  i was up for probably two hours between 3:15 and 5:15 watching the election returns and then trying to fall back asleep.  so this morning i was slow to get anywhere with anything.  but it was fun to watch! and we got to see obama's speech before the guys went off to school today.  happy, happy post-election day to all!

later, when i picked them up, william took us on an extra long-cut (which is the opposite of the short-cut), but i admire his sense of direction.  i can tell already it's going to be better than mine.  mine tends to be either non-existent or leads me in the exact opposite direction i want to travel in.  which is probably why i get nervous when william insists on blazing new trails.

i shared with you, a picture of him today, heading off on the bike path toward our house.  i let him do this alone, mainly because it's a pain to get the burley around the bars they set up to, i assume, make people slow down. he goes up and left. henry and i go down and right and we meet in the middle.  it's a 30-second leap of faith for me.  that's it.  small enough. but given that it's one of the first for him and me, it's plenty.

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nina said...

plenty in terms of things on your plate and plenty in terms of our good fortunes.

Funny how much easier a tired day is when there is "plenty" in it.