Saturday, November 3, 2012

future from long ago

greg took the guys on an adventure today and i wrote.  it was not so bad as yesterday.  started out a little slow, but the last 800 words came out pretty quickly.  i'm at somewhere around 5,300 words now.  5,001 was today's goal.  but i still had my cold.  still felt yucky. at least in the morning.  after the guys came home though, and i took some pain reliever, i was eventually able to get up and do some of the things i've been afraid i would put off for the whole month of november. like clean the bathroom and all of the crazy lint that builds up in places other than the lint catcher, in the dryer.  well those things are done.  at least for november 3rd and 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th.  

out adventuring... 

when they got back i asked greg where they went.  i wasn't sure i heard him correctly, so i said, "you went to svogerslev?" and then i had a moment that is becoming increasingly rare, where i thought, 'what are we doing, talking about a place called svogerslev like it's just ho-hum?  and maybe it is ho-hum in reality (maybe it's not), but it's still very far from where we came from and so i'm still sometimes very amazed that we are here.

after the adventure, the guys were tired out.  do you remember those traditional danish desserts from last night... they got to bring a couple of those along... can you tell?

henry was a tired bug throughout the day, having had only a small nap during the burley ride home, but a rare nap for william seemed to completely rev him up.  he had about a thousand projects and ideas running through his head tonight.  layering up on t-shirts and changing into a pair of too-small pajama pants because he wanted to wear some 'soft, blue pants.'  out in the shed, working on turning a handful of recyclables into this or that machine (for example, one that would make super, warm mittens). at the table coloring a picture which was 'next year's halloween costume.'  and up on the counter, taking pictures with the photo booth program on my computer...

here is one of my favorites...

and when i told him it was time to get ready for bed, he invited me to join in on the last shot of the night... "see, we're in many beautiful colors, mama."  

yes, we are.

earlier today, he looked through a balloon and said, "dada, in this balloon i can see my future from long ago."  

and tonight we read from peter pan and wendy, which is (i never knew) a fascinating and clever book.  have you read it?  greg just finished it and i may read it next.  and if you're looking for a book, it could be worth your while.  by j.m. barrie.

for now though, happy saturday!

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