Tuesday, November 20, 2012


(greg here)
 regan left the computer open to the unpublished blog again, so once again it is my turn!  

what can I say about today? well, work was work. it was one of those days that started with high ambitions and ended with an hour of flipping through the old quantum field theory book.  to anyone who's ever resorted to flipping through the old quantum field theory book- you know how productive my day was.  to those who have not, well, there's no better way to think that you are doing something smart while actually doing nothing than pacing a room with an open physics textbook.  

the big news is the discovery of a time reversal (symmetry) violation by some folks at SLAC.  apparently B mesons and anti-B mesons decay to other B mesons, changing ups to downs or charms to stranges, all the while sputtering off leptons and lesser mesons until blah blah blah.

home is much more sane, as can be seen in the pictures below.  henry, while crying about not being allowed to draw on the floor, climbed two drawers and a shelf in order to reach the forbidden markers.  promptly those drawers were removed, and promptly w and h decided to make themselves comfortable within.

the craziness that follows from pretend sleeping is best illustrated by the following blurry photos...

okay, it wasn't all that crazy. but we all had fun, and eventually everybody went to real bed.  I was even asleep (five or six times already) only to be woken up by william in an ironic fashion.  we sing songs to him to help him sleep, and he insists upon this.  he, however, sings songs to me to wake me up.  today I kept falling asleep while singing to him, so he would sing to me so that I would sing to him and... B mesons beget B mesons and other B mesons and leptons and.....ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


nina said...

The chalkboard says Santa, my own calendar says Thanksgiving... And where do the Danes come down on this weekend? Are you experiencing a pre-holiday buzz there?

As always, everyone looks so happy. Pulled out drawers and endless go-to-sleep (or wake up) songs notwithstanding.

greg|regan said...

hi nina,

i think i'll do a little post about it. (regan)