Tuesday, November 6, 2012

green kale

i'm going to live blog my attempts to stay up until 3 a.m. to watch the election returns.  just kidding!  i don't even really know what live blogging means.  aren't i doing it right now?

but just for tonight, i want to be in the same time zone as somewhere near the u.s. so i can sit and watch the election returns.  even if i can stay up, i probably won't be able to find anything live to watch online as none of the u.s. network online programs are available here.  maybe pbs.  it tends to be friendly to us outsiders.  or, i can listen to the radio online.  maybe i'll do that.  maybe i'll go to sleep and get up really, really early.  sleep on the couch maybe.  next to my computer.  okay.  is that way too nerdy?  i just want to avoid that moment of having absolutely no idea how things are going and then having to open up my computer after it's all said and done, with no exciting lead up (or way to ease into a let down).

otherwise though, i got my words done for the day.  i'm up above the 10,000 word mark.  so, now i just need to do what i did, four more times.  okay. and i may start a company soon.  just so i can get paid to do editing work, which slowly, but somewhat surely, seems to be moving along now (maybe something even tonight!  an excuse to stay up.  also, we might get netflix tonight.  another excuse to stay up.  two small kids to get to school tomorrow... a good reason to go to sleep...).

okay, (live blog) netflix update: the danish netflix is pretty sad.  probably not worth 79 kroner a month.  it's like they figure danes don't really know just how much is out there, so they put up a smattering of options. probably it's more noble than that, but it feels a bit like we're getting cheated.

anyway.  a couple pictures from dinner so i don't go three days in a row without any...

 enjoy voting today!  my ballot still has not arrived.  i'm doubtful it ever will, given how long ago greg's made it.  but it has until friday to be added into the count, so there are still a few more days to be hopeful.

okay, goodnight! or not?


nina said...

Polls just closed! NBC said WI is leaning toward Obama! (Hope that fits with your inclinations!)

greg|regan said...

Yes! So happy with the result!