Monday, November 12, 2012

colored pencils

it's cold in our house.

about a week ago greg realized we had the heat all the way up.  there's a thermostat on the wall, but it's just for decoration.  to set the heat you have to go into our second bathroom, pull back a shower curtain and open up some green metal doors (which tend to fall off) against the wall to reveal all kinds of inner workings of this house.  one is our forced air radiator.  that may not be the technical term.  a couple weeks ago i went to do the dishes and there was no hot water.  greg solved the problem by adding more water to the heat exchange loop (i'm getting these terms from him.  he's sitting right next to me.  i actually avoid those green doors quite successfully).  in the process, he turned the radiator all the way up to see if we actually had hot water moving through the heat exchanger.  after he re-pressurized things though, he never turned down the heat, and so for a week we had a really comfortable house, until one night when he was putting henry to bed and they both came out of the room sweating.  that's when we realized the heat was turned up all the way.  so now we're back to relative cool.  for me, it's a little too cool.  for greg, it's comfortable.  the guys don't seem to notice.  i'm just thankful for our thrift store wool blanket and the occasional fire, like we had tonight, after william and i went to the super best before dinner to find colored pencils.  he was on his scooter and it was a long trip with a drizzle that bordered on snow on our way home.

but we got them...

it's been so fun to watch william and henry develop an interest, where there was none (or not much of one), even a few weeks ago.  lately they've been at the table everyday creating something. william drawing cars or boats or working on letters; henry diligently drawing lines back and forth on the page, dropping one color onto the floor and picking up the next to do the same.

in other news, if it can be considered news-- probably not-- but i am past the 20,000 word mark.  i can't believe i'm still 5,000 words away from having to do what i've already done, all over again.

one day at a time is a good motto for this exercise.

greg and i keep trading off yawns, so i think that means it's time for bed.



nina said...

My coldest time, no matter where I am, is at around 5. Before dinner. Ed's is when he sleeps.
I do think Wisconsinites keep indoor temps lower during the winter than anywhere else where I have lived. It's not fuel frugality. If it were that, then they wouldn't turn the AC up so high come summer.
Hope your nose stays warm!

greg|regan said...

my nose is always cold!