Thursday, November 1, 2012

day one, light post

november first.  day one of national novel writing month.  ever since i signed up to write 50,000 words in 30 days, i've had it in the back of my mind... and there i've let it stay.  but today, of course, i had to see if i would sit in front of a blank screen for four hours, before it was time to pick up the guys, or if i would actually write something.  50,000 divided into 30 days is 1,667, so that was my goal if i hoped to not be behind tomorrow.  i did 2,109 (approximately.  i think my word count thinks a line with "..." is a word and i have a few of those).  that ended up being less than three and a half single-spaced pages.  so, now i have just 29 more days to not fail, quality and coherence being optional.

but the bigger and better creation today was the lasagna that greg, william, and henry made for dinner, with yogurt instead of ricotta, because that's what we had...

now to watch the daily show, start one of my book club books, and go to sleep.  goodnight! 


nina said...

Congratulations! (Are you going to tell us in some vague way about the plot? Does it track life? Is it a mystery? SciFi? Historical romance? Adventure? Goblins and dragons? Politics? All the above????)

greg|regan said...

Oh Nina,

I wish I could tell you. I wish I knew! I'm too afraid to read what I've written so far. We are supposed to tell our inner editor to take a hike, so I don't dare look back or think about it too much for fear I will want to trash the whole thing. Maybe on day 31 I will! I suppose it tracks life, though not mine. Perhaps I should add a dragon though.