Thursday, November 8, 2012


i took only two pictures today.  this, when i was going to pick up the guys from school, because i liked the orange and yellow tree, across from our old place... 

and this, when i was fumbling with the camera and my mittens, trying to take the first photo... 

you know what i also did not do today?  my words.  i'm now over a thousand words off schedule, in just one day.  not that it can't be made up.  but in the same way i worry about not posting on the blog each day, i worry that falling behind once in this silly novel project will turn into a slippery slope (though i know those are fallacies) where i continue falling behind and i don't finish by november 30th.  and there are still two hours left to this day, but i'm too tired from two late nights to be of much use.  

but i did get my editing project done today.  so that's one thing. 

we also have two sleeping children, but they definitely struggled with it tonight, neither falling asleep until after 9.  

and tomorrow's friday!  

all good things in an overall good week.  


nina said...

I have an idea: write every OTHER day. There's just no reason to make life tough for yourself. You can make your own rules, right? I think Billy Joel (that old has-been) had a song about this -- something about doing what's good for you...

The dean relieved me of teaching a course because she thought I was teaching too much. Should we relieve you of something? Because from the sound of it, you're doing A LOT!

(Though some people thrive on doing A LOT. Are you like that?)

greg|regan said...

Hi Nina,

So far I'm happy getting a post out everyday, but if I do need to slow down, I like the idea of making a rule about how often I post-- easier to stick with than my own will, which can, if left to its own devices, get lazy when it comes to blogging. This I know from my previous blog.

Were you okay with being relieved from a course? I bet the students were not happy about it (you're a good teacher!). Unless it was before the semester began?

As to your last question-- I'm still trying to figure that one out.