Thursday, November 15, 2012

you say hammerum, i say hamburg

today i worked on my words and greg worked on the stuff that pays the bills, but he did it from home, which was a treat for me.

i finished today's words, only just barely, which makes me a little nervous about tomorrow.  it's always a little tight getting them done on days i have class, so it's nice if i have a little head start from the day before. but at lunch we got talking about christmas vacation stuff and soon i was spending the rest of my free time looking at, and eventually booking a pre-christmas adventure to germany for their christmas markets (well, at least one, maybe two).  we're not going far-- just a four and a half hour train ride (with ferry) or so, down to hamburg.  never mind that i was first misled into booking us a train to hammerum, denmark, right in the center of denmark's mainland.  not even a town, but a suburb to a city that boasts the largest exhibition center in scandinavia, giving the town a reputation for its many trade fairs.  oy!

this is where we might have ended up...

instead of this...

(i can't take credit for either photo.  the top one was taken by a guy named hubertus, called herning, and put onto wikipedia.  the second is in the public domain.  so we (the public) all own it!) 

all of the above also means i didn't finish my danish homework for tomorrow, so i need to do that now before i get too tired.  and i will plan to finish my movie tonight!  but i can't be sure i'll follow through.

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nina said...

How well I understand the distraction of travel planning!