Friday, November 30, 2012

november 30th

woah!  i saw 50,000 words up on the screen today, but didn't realize it until i got to 50,001.  

but i wasn't willing to erase a word just to so i could get a visualization of reaching (but not yet surpassing) my goal.  in the end, officially, it was 50,319 words.  when i hit 'submit' it was like crossing the finish line of a marathon-- which i have never done.  this is probably as close as i will come to doing a marathon-- which is not very close at all, when i consider that i pretty much sat on my couch for the last 30 days.

anyway, i felt jubilant and winner-like, because they told me that i won and perfect strangers clapped for me...

but this day was also important because it snowed for the first time since we've been here. that might not be one hundred percent accurate.  it may have snowed some when we arrived late last winter, but coming from wisconsin, i don't remember any insignificant flurries-- which is all this was today, but still, william was excited, and henry kept calling it rain.

here is william with some snow in the palm of his glove, right before an evening walk on which he fell asleep...

greg told him he could eat snow off the grass, but not the sidewalk.  i told him it had to be falling from the sky and land on his tongue.  our different ideas about parenting.

lastly, i took a math test in danish today, and i think i passed... but you would have too.


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nina said...

A day of triumph and celebration! Yay!