Monday, December 3, 2012

cycling in a winter wonderland

it's one of those days where, at not quite 8:30, i feel like already being asleep.

so, perhaps i will just tell you a little bit about what it is like riding your bike in the snow, and then call it a night.

i took this picture this morning near our old place, waiting for greg who rode back home to get my helmet, which i forgot to put on.  i noticed on my phone it said the temperature was -11 celsius.  that's 12.2 degrees fahrenheit, and an eight a.m. sunrise... (8:19 according to the internet, with a 3:44 sunset)

the boys in the burley... we had william ride in it today not quite knowing how it would be to get around with the snow.  and there is greg, riding up with my helmet...

our own street is by far the most difficult for both greg and i to maneuver on our respective commutes.    going down the street (literally) (that's on the way home) i had my right foot scraping the ground to act as a third brake and to help break any potential falls.  it gets a little better on the main streets (see above... though this one is not as good as others), but i have a couple other little streets i take to get to school, so those were slow going (but fortunately not as hilly as our own street).  the really cool thing though-- the bike paths are almost completely cleared of snow, so once you get onto one of those, things get considerably easier and faster.

and i guess i was so content to be in class today that i forgot all about the weather and the commute until i got back outside when class was over.  so that was nice!

okay, to bed!  happy monday!


nina said...

I looked at your weather for the next ten days. Not that different than what I can expect to find in Warsaw... Your post made me think that you'll have a bunch of stories for the boys -- of the type: we pulled you to school in the bitter cold so that you'd get a good education!

Can they skip school on a day that's really bad?

So now I feel guilty that I put away the bike until April.

On the other hand, I have hills and a longer ride. There, I feel better.

greg|regan said...

Hi Nina,

How's it going to be? More snow? I rarely ever look at the forecast-- maybe because I don't know of a good website to use.
They can skip school for sure, but I'm trying not to let myself do the same, so three days a week, hopefully we'll all be where we're supposed to be. The other two days are more flexible if the weather's bad.
Don't feel too bad-- if I had a car, I'd probably use it too on days like these!