Friday, December 14, 2012


william woke up with a fever.  we scrap a visit to the dentist. greg goes to work early to start an experiment that must be done on a deadline.  he comes back home and i take henry to school, then i go to class and take the rest of my module 2 exam which i pass by talking about santa claus and jobs.  i come home.  greg goes back to work.  william and i sit on the couch watching two christmas movies together.  then greg comes home with henry, he gets ready, and he leaves for a work christmas party.  henry and i eat dinner.  william stays sleeping on the couch and then goes to bed early.  henry and i read books on the couch and then he goes to bed too.  i clean up the house.  everything is picked up and quiet.  it is time to relax, i think.  i open the computer and the first seven posts on facebook are about connecticut and i think that i do not want to know what has happened in connecticut.  but of course i find out, and as i am reading, william calls to me asking for me to come snuggle with him.  the sort of thing that you want to do anyway when you are reading about something so horrible.  at one point he tells me he is going to dream about christmas and i should too.  the holidays were already going to be hard for those families, but the timing certainly doesn't help anything.  i feel sad and angry about what happened.  i feel strangely, and perhaps unjustifiedly, safe here in denmark for my children. and i hope that the u.s. does not just sigh over this, move on, and wait for the next tragedy to happen.  that is, i hope that a conversation ensues, so at some point, we can all feel, and be, safer.