Sunday, December 2, 2012

stockings, sleds, ceramic, snow

we woke up to a snow that put friday's light dusting in its proper place... buried somewhere under here... 

at eight a.m. they had not come through and plowed our street, which made me a little nervous for schooldays.  greg pointed out that it was sunday and perhaps they're just more laid back on sunday.  and they did come by no more than a half hour later, but when greg went out on his bike later, he said it was a bit tricky maneuvering our street. adventures with a burley, tomorrow.

in the morning, we hung our stockings (by the chimney with care)...

and greg and the guys went outside to sweep (not shovel, because we don't own a shovel) the sidewalk and driveway.  and as they were out there, our neighbor from across the street brought out a sled for the guys to borrow, so over to the big hill they went... not far from our house... where they had a mildly successful sledding adventure dampered by the cold for a boy who'd sat outside in the snow for too long before they left, and a very large snowplow clearing the adjacent bike path with a driver yelling at william, in danish, to move another kid's sled out of the way.

later in the evening, after we'd already heard the breaking of ceramic and run into the bathroom to find henry with all the toothbrushes in his hand, and the ceramic cup in pieces in the sink, and after a ceramic santa fell to the ground and broke in all of today's putting up and taking down of tree ornaments, greg came to me, henry in his arms, to say, "i think it's time to start potty training."  because the little boy with trouble for a middle name, had pulled down his diaper and peed on the floor of the bathroom, near to the toilet, and actually had pinched his fingers trying to open up the lid... so he gets credit where it's due.  still though, i don't know if i feel ready to clean up one or two accidents a day yet... but i guess that's not going to be my decision to make.  it will be interesting to see where, if anywhere, this new discovery leads him.  

now, tired... ready to end the day.  goodnight! 

update: greg has convinced me i must have been hearing things-- or a snowplow on another street-- because apparently they did not plow our street today.

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