Saturday, December 22, 2012

on a train on a boat

well, this foot injury of mine allowed me to get a sneak peak at denmark's health care system.  and unless the doctor missed a broken bone somewhere in there, i'm going to give it two thumbs up so far. i called just after 8 a.m. to get an appointment with the primary care doctor assigned to all the members of our family, was checked in using my ultra official number that gets me everything from danish lessons to library books by 10:15, and in to see the doctor no more than 3 paragraphs into my magazine article later.  she couldn't tell me much-- just that i'd probably overstretched it and that it could take 6-7 weeks to fully heal (!) and then wrapped it up for me.  it was really pretty good when i went to see her, and riding my bike was really a breeze-- the best it had felt.  but a four and half hour, very crowded train ride... not so good for it.  but enough about my left foot.  i want to talk about my right foot that has tirelessly born more than it's share of the weight today (and yesterday).  thank you right foot. 

now, onto our trip... just a few pictures, then i need to go to sleep because it is nearly one in the morning at this point.  

in copenhagen, waiting for our train.  a band, entertaining the crowd with abba hits... 
(sorry this picture has a corporate sponsor)

next, william is going down a slide while sailing over the baltic sea.

our train rode into a ferry on the denmark side (just like you might do with your car traveling across lake michigan)  we got out, walked up a few flights of stairs, and when the ferry had crossed to the german side, we walked down the stairs, got back on the train, and the train rode out of the ferry and onto german tracks.  isn't that amazing?

oh, but it was a late ride.  originally, when we bought the tickets, we assumed greg would be working on this day, so we scheduled ourselves for a 5:45 train, which didn't get into hamburg (our destination) until after 10.

this was one attempt at trying to get henry to sleep, sometime around his usual bedtime.  he insisted on wearing his backpack.  the attempt was not successful. he finally went to sleep at the hotel.

hamburg's central station... another corporate sponsored photo...

and now to sleep. more from germany tomorrow.


Kit Nat said...

Have a great time and I hope your foot feels better soon!

nina said...

Love, love, LOVE the trains that sensibly move people forward, on schedule, in a civilized manner. Sigh...

Did you have to stand? No seat reservations?

I hope you can enjoy the preholiday adventure anyway, troubled foot notwithstanding! (I have little doubt that you will.)

greg|regan said...

Seat reservations-- yes!

But since the train was so crowded, there was no place to put our luggage, except under our feet, and we gave up two seats and had boys in our laps.