Thursday, December 13, 2012

oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree

"what am i going to blog about?" i ask greg tonight.

"um, the christmas tree fell over twice," he says.

okay, so, you will never believe it, but our christmas tree fell over twice.  to be more specific, it fell over once, and was pulled down the second time.

yesterday morning, when henry was still a big sluggish, right after greg, who'd stopped back in after dropping off william, walked out the door, i decided to water the tree.  i swore i remembered from the picture on the box, a woman's foot pushing on the lever our stand is equipped with, to reveal a little tray that one can pour water into.  i swear this is what i remember, but, it turns out, my mind was filling in the part about the little watering tray when it could not discern any other plausible reason for the lever.  had i a more clever brain, i might have reasoned that this lever was the magic lever that would instantly release the tree from the grips of the tree stand, and then, reasoning that, i might have held on to the tree while playing around with the lever to find that clever little watering tray, which makes watering the tree so much easier, if only it existed.  but this would have been difficult to do (holding on to the tree) anyway, because i wasn't pushing the lever with my foot, but was down at the the tree's base, using my hand, watching for the tray to pop out.  so the tree fell over.  and two bird ornaments lost their beaks and their tails.  that was day one.

day two, today, this morning, right after greg walked out the door, as i was doing something, moving a dish from kitchen to table or vice versa, i saw from the corner of my eye, henry, the boy who had seen it fall over yesterday, pull the little, lightweight christmas tree over.  spilling water from the nonexistent watering tray, breaking the beak off another little bird and a bulldozer blade off the bulldozer.

greg knows about these events because immediately after they happened he got a call on his phone telling him the christmas tree had fallen over.  and both times he rode back home to help with the mess, helpful guy that he is.  and after i got the guys to school i went and bought super glue, but spent the rest of the time studying for my danish exam tomorrow.  i'm feeling nervous about it.  i wish i could spend the day supergluing christmas ornaments together instead or submitting my patent for the christmas tree stand pop-out watering tray.  now though i should torture greg with some broken danish as i practice my lines for tomorrow.

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nina said...

Oh, I know that wasn't funny, but it was so, well funny! Three times a charm...
...or maybe this is what Henry thinks you do with Christmas trees?