Tuesday, December 18, 2012


i went to upload a picture and then realized i didn't have any.  today was a day spent getting the cobwebs out of the neglected corners of the house.  there are fourteen corners in the living room alone.  more if you count the bookshelf with 24 cubbies.  but it was alright.  greg had a short day at work.  technically he was off work today, but in reality he was at work, at least for a time.  but then he was home and helped clean up our geometric house too.  tomorrow we go into town and pick up boxes waiting for us at the post office and figure out christmas presents for our guys.  my school has a christmas party (no class today), so i'll go to that as well.  tonight i have to figure out some last minute online gifts for family back home.  it is a short post, but if you are in need of some distraction from work, or maybe you're cleaning out cobwebs and have a small laptop like me and can carry it around from corner to corner, whatever it may be, if you have an hour to listen, i thought this was a really good show on kathleen dunn (wisconsin public radio) yesterday:

http://wpr.org/kathleendunn/index.cfm?strDirection=Prev&dteShowDate=2012-12-17%2022%3A00%3A00%2E0 (in the right-hand corner it will give you three different options for playing the show from monday)

she (the guest, connie kilmark) is the mom of an old friend and neighbor, and anytime she is on one of these programs i am completely impressed by her wisdom.  so listen!  if you can.

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