Saturday, December 22, 2012

the other on the throttle

today we walked all around the rathaus area in downtown hamburg.  unfortunately the adventure far over-stressed Regan's left foot and now she is immobilized.  so here are a few of the many pictures from today. she'll write something tomorrow, hopefully while resting comfortably.

first, W enjoying the day's second cup of hot chocolate 

second, a flying object identified by W as Santa Claus, although you wouldn't know it from his voice (he gave a rather  ominous retelling of rudolf's first big flight that makes me hope he skips our chimney this year.  Regan got some of it on tape, perhaps it will be put up tomorrow?).

finally, a traditional hamburg dinner.  I forgot the name but it is delicious. fish, eggs, pickles and beets on top of a reddish potato mush.


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