Wednesday, December 12, 2012

st. lucia's eve

he started out a little sluggish, but the henry of yesterday quickly disappeared.  all but the eating part.  he still doesn't have his old appetite back, but i imagine he'll make up for it before the week's end.  we didn't bring him to school today because we weren't sure what his day would look like.  he probably would have done fine there, and maybe even napped for them.  he didn't for me.  i think he had more sleep (in one day) yesterday than he's had since he was a month old, so why sleep today?  

and today, unlike yesterday, he did get out of his pajamas.

he was healthy enough that we decided to go as a family to william's class's christmas event-- a bonfire with gløg-- typically a hot, mulled wine, but for the kindergarten party, without alcohol.

william covered up in winter gear.  when i told him to smile he said, "i am smiling."

here are some of the children doing a traditional st. lucia procession, singing sankta lucia.  tomorrow is st. lucia day.. which you can read more about here on wikipedia.

and there were lanterns decorated by the children all around...

ah, but now our little healthy guy is up and not so happy, so i should end this post quickly.



nina said...

Oh! The holiday customs of each country! So curious what happens at Christmas proper. Though with school closed (is it closed?) maybe you'll revert back to American customs? Like, you know, the Grinch and Rudolph? It must be so confusing to be William at Christmastime now! And so awful to be little Henry with a case of the winter chills!

greg|regan said...

I can tell you about Christmas proper, at least what I know about it. I will have to write a post about it. That's one of my potential topics for my test tomorrow: discussing the difference between Danish jul and American Christmas. Yes, school is closed, and we will have a little of both-- Danish jul and American Christmas. At least where the food is concerned.