Friday, April 24, 2015

apple trees, cherry trees, orange-flavored yogurt

friday-- a day with henry.  a really good day with henry.  playing with trains in the early morning, and then, around 9:30, taking him in the burley to town.  that in itself is a good thing.  the mere fact i considered doing it that way (and not by bus) meant i knew i could handle the physical challenge of it, which means things are improving for me, energy-wise.  (even though, by six o'clock tonight, i was more worn out than i've been in a long time.) after we got home we took care of the neighbor's dog, henry played on the trampoline, we ate popcorn on the porch and blew bubbles.  i weeded some around our house and henry decided to get out the plastic pool and fill it up one old ice-cream container's worth of water at a time from the bathroom sink.  when i dared to look, there was a huge mess of water and mud all over the floor and the bathroom rugs.  still, i dug out his swim trunks for all the effort he put in, even though it was definitely sweatshirt weather outside.  he spent about 1 minute out there before coming in shivering.  it didn't take much to convince him to get into a warm shower.

william is at a sleepover tonight so when greg got home we had a nice little dinner and then a walk around the neighborhood.  it's now 12 hours since henry and i went to town in the morning and he's still doing his staying awake trick.  we're convinced now that the recent evening wakefulness is due to the longer days.  at 9:30 there is still a gradient of blue in the sky, though it is mostly dark by now.

so now for some pictures!

 offering me some yogurt from the big brunch we shared...

back at home.  first you squeeze the orange juice into the yogurt, then you enjoy a nice orange-flavored yogurt dip with a carrot...

on the porch...

on the walk...

watching the sheep...

little lambs...

solitary duck...

community gardens, and the surrounding fields...

overwintered kale...

strawberry plants...

even wisconsin's seeing daffodils by now...

love how they train the apple trees this way along wire fences...

smelling the flowers of a cherry tree... "smells like candy," said henry.



Sara said...

I love that you are writing so steadily, always enjoy the writing and the photos. Today I loved the image of Henry filling his pool one ice cream tub at a time and his very patient mother who of course knew that there would be a lot of puddles... Also love the photo of Henry wrapped in a quilt in the burley. Could I come be your child for awhile??

Cold rain here in Wisconsin. I'm watching the almost ready to bloom apple and pear trees in my yard wondering if there will be fruit this year.

nina said...

Our trees are blooming -- at least the cherries! And the lilac is on the verge! And next week there will be glorious warm sunshine! Regan, hurry up and get here before it all goes away again!

Super nice day, BTW. And yes, I love the daily accounts. THe holes are plugged -- you feel you're moving from one day to the next when you read with that kind of regularity!

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