Tuesday, April 7, 2015

tuesday that feels like monday

at a certain point in the morning, after i'd been out to drop william off at school, i suddenly realized the sun was gone.  it was there yesterday and the three previous days-- of that much i'm certain.  

i know i said yesterday that today would be a return to reality, but really i didn't think the sunshine would so closely follow the holiday schedule.  i didn't think it would go yet. 

here's just a photo to show you that danes are always thinking about how to accommodate bicycles... 

and here's where i tried getting a peak at the baby lambs.  one of the moms gave birth to four babies yesterday!  two little white ones and two little spotted ones.  

what the camera sees without the zoom...

 and trying to get this little guy to his big brother's school.  aside from stopping to fall over on his bike, to tell me that he was tired and couldn't ride, couldn't walk, etc. etc., the first thing he stopped for today was to look at the flowers and watch a bee collecting nectar...

"i'm going to get 'connector' too mama."

and as he turned his back to me: "hmm... tastes like peanut butter."

and now for some yoga.

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nina said...

Sweetest words ever!