Thursday, April 23, 2015


getting ready to shower... 

i'm not sure where the clip-on tie fits in with things however.  (w. took this photo of himself.)

the weather turned cooler today and the wind came back.  the sun was gone in the morning, and as predicted, i missed it.  but then it was back and the wind wasn't as fierce, and i even went without my hat, and while it was a questionable decision, my ears didn't end up hurting (which is the main reason i still wear a winter hat at the end of april).

i seem to be starting in on the tour of hospitals as i take care of some medical tests before going to the u.s. for nearly three months with only travel insurance.  one today.  a couple more next week.  then it's just a matter of hearing what i hope to be good news all around.

and i got to tutor today, which is always fun!  and have lunch with a couple friends from language school, which is wonderful!  and buy a few little things to bring to the u.s.  and have a great meal at the common house.  and of course, enjoy the silliness of our boys.  so all in all, it was a really nice day.

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nina said...

A good day for you, for me too. Daughter silliness for me, son silliness for you. We lead parallel lives! :)