Sunday, April 26, 2015


as much as we probably need to do in these next (now less than) two weeks to get ready, we certainly took a 'take it easy' approach to the morning.  but certainly by 11 or so i was up sorting through clothes (the boys and my own)-- figuring out what still fit, what didn't, what did we have too much of, what needed to go into storage until next season, what needed to come out for the upcoming summertime trip-- and in the afternoon, our old neighbor came to take away a chest freezer in our shed that we've never ended up using, which made significant space for us to store our bikes and burley while we're gone.

so we at least did that much.

and then later we made up a salad (okay, greg made up a salad.  i was still working on the clothing thing) and took it over to the house of those old neighbors and had a great dinner with them and another family-- duck in a can (much better than it sounds), leek pie, roasted veggies, duck gravy, salad, homemade bread, wine, coffee, water, and a couple very small sips of scottish scotch... i think i'm not a scotch person. and of course, because we're at the home of our friend who is a serious cake maker-- a delicious dessert!

and here's henry right now, keeping a close and patient eye on it...

and for you to keep a closer eye on it.  a raspberry mousse.

five boys at the kids' table... only two spilled drinks and one broken decorative item...

and now it's bedtime.  goodnight! 

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