Thursday, April 16, 2015

green forest on the ceiling

do you see that small break in the clouds?  

i went to the dentist today.  my first time at a danish dentist. it was much like going to the dentist in the u.s., with the following exceptions: 1) at 4:45 p.m., i was the only one there (i can't say this is necessarily different than the u.s. as i always used to go in the mornings); 2) i immediately met with the dentist-- this is similar to going to the doctor in denmark-- the doctor comes out to the waiting room to get you and you don't meet with any nurses or techs beforehand (the one exception to this being the three or so meetings i had with my surgeon (there, the nurse (the same nurse from diagnosis through post-surgery) would come out to the waiting room to get us and we'd meet the surgeon right outside the door to the examining room-- so no wait time once inside the examining room)); 3) the dentist does the cleaning (though a tech does the polishing); 4) the chair gives you a massage during the cleaning.  even if you're not into chair massages (and i'm not sure i am), it's at least distracting.  she also had a nice large picture of a green forest on the ceiling, but i think that sort of thing is probably not unheard of in the u.s.

9:25.  i'm so behind on my '30 days of yoga.' i suppose i should go take advantage of the fact that i'm not completely falling over in exhaustion.

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