Wednesday, April 1, 2015



today was a day to do what the danes roughly call (because you'll i'll never get the accent completely right) 'sla-peh A'-- take it easy... relax.  because after you celebrate a seven year old's birthday twice, you just wanna chill.

(and as those of you with small children know... relaxing is a dream, not a reality.)

i only got one picture today.  of william opening his last birthday present, from his best friend who was sick for friday's party but came over today to play.

weather-wise: only the slightest bit of spitting rain-snow/hail today, but once again, the wind was outrageous.  william and i took his friend home by bike and i swear at one point the wind put me at a dead stop.  as in, i was pedaling but no longer moving forward.

okay, this computer is about to be co-opted for the ever popular 'little thinker' at bedtime, so i'm going to hit 'publish.'


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