Tuesday, March 31, 2015


we have a seven year old, folks!  

the lovable kind who puts up with his little brother, likes to build things and listen to nearly any story you will read him.  

he planned out this day with his dad yesterday.

a six a.m. wake up (though in reality we were all up at seven).  french toast for breakfast.

we borrowed a car.  if the weather was nice, we would drive to his favorite place in denmark: stevns klint. but it was like this, from morning to present (9:07 p.m.)...
what you're not seeing in this picture is the snow that lasted for about an hour this morning and made us decide to go with plan B.

well, first presents.  this had been on the schedule for later in the day but his brother kept suggesting it, kept suggesting it, kept suggesting it.  william was convinced.

and of course he got a little help from henry... 

plan b was to go to the same place we went to for henry's birthday.  basically a big indoor playground.  with sandwiches from the deli counter at the grocery store...

then home to play battleship (a new present) and skype with grandparents.

an earlyish dinner of finger foods...

"everyone smile!"

and then cake...

henry offering us his own cake creation.  cake made from balled up cake.  "who wants the cake i made?"  "um.. just you henry, just you."

doesn't he look a little older today?  

our sweet guy with the big heart.  happy birthday william!

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nina said...

beautiful day well told! and i see that familiar central european dark bread -- all that's missing is the herring! :)