Friday, March 20, 2015


highlights of the day...

(is this a lowlight?) 
getting to watch the total solar eclipse through a steady freight train of clouds.  the good news... no glasses required.  

henry soon gave up, but i sat here waiting for a break in the clouds for a good 10 minutes while he went back to watching a cartoon.  because i had caught just a glimpse of it for a half-second when i first glanced out.  it was enough to keep me waiting for another peak through layers of cloud.  it didn't happen.

i know it looks really bright out in this picture, but that's just some trick of the bad camera on my phone.  what's not a trick are those socks i'm wearing.  i've had them for years and they're still great. same thing with my shoes.  keen is seriously about quality (or at least they were back at the end of the last decade).

it was dark enough during the eclipse that when henry decided to make lemonade, we had to turn on the lights.

his fancy juice squeezer that i brought back to him from my recent trip to the u.s...

"too sour!"

later, it was painting a gift for his brother, who will soon turn seven.  (no one tell william he's got a refurbished yogurt container coming his way.)

lastly, a trip to the bookmobile.  it's only our second trip there.  the boys and i stopped by a few weeks ago (did i tell you this?) on our way home from school and discovered a) that the bookmobile comes to this stop five days a week and b) the third or fourth or fifth captain underpants book, which the boys pretty much had memorized by the time we returned it this evening.  on fridays it's here between six and seven at night, so we were miraculously really on top of the ball getting dinner on the table so we could get to the bookmobile in order to pick up the only other captain underpants book in english they have in the danish library system (that they have any is some kind of miracle. (apparently i'm good at finding miracles tonight.))  
bookmobile on the bike path.  

now it's 8:25.  two little boys are in bed and mostly asleep.  the dishes are mostly done.  the toys mostly cleaned up.  the blog mostly written.  the highlights shared.  eclipses and lemonade and painted yogurt containers and the bookmobile with a book inside waiting for us.  and tomorrow, the weekend.  happy friday!


Anonymous said...

Hi Regan
It's nice to have you back 'online'.
We have missed you.

nina said...

Cornwall had better luck with the clouds thou I am sure i burned holes in my eyes peeking quickly. It helped to have SOME foggy clouds!
Have your guys switched to reading Danish books for pleasure?

nina said...

Oh, and I wanted to say that I wear my socks thin after just one year. Either you have more socks and I repeat too much, or I somehow walk roughly. My mom always said i was hard on shoes (and its true, in Madison my favorite shoe repair person is always replacing the heel on my boots). I'll add to it -- hard on socks!

greg|regan said...

Thanks anonymous.

Nina-- not for pleasure, no. As a language exercise... perhaps. And most of our nice, warm socks around here don't last more than a year either. Greg's mom very kindly and reliably gifts us all with new socks every Christmas. So it really is just this one pair of socks. I don't know if Keen even makes socks anymore, but if they do, it might be worth trying them out! And their shoes too are great!