Monday, March 30, 2015


wrapping presents for his big brother's birthday tomorrow.

 today was windy, windy, windy with plenty of clouds. 

but the wind kept moving the clouds out of the way so we were constantly moving in and out of sun and shadows.

child's pose... 

 greg and william went into copenhagen today to buy a bread board for william's birthday.  i imagine something like a cutting board, but it's an electronic gadget.  probably you know more about it than me.

when they got back, we baked a cake... (notice the light and shadows in these next pictures)

after the boys went to bed, i went out for a quick walk before the sun went down (after 8:00 now with the time change).  it was still quite windy.

neighboring co-housing

tomorrow... a seven year old. 

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nina said...

It's now tomorrow, so happy birthday! Still windy here, in France, but yes, it pushes the clouds away!