Thursday, March 26, 2015


i took a couple pictures of my grocery trip today in case all else failed.

but i also had this picture from this morning...

school time 

i went to the store today to get some things for william's party tomorrow.  our friend and former neighbor emily is making the 'cake,' which i'm looking forward to seeing and which i should have pictures of tomorrow so you can see it too.   we ran into each other outside the grocery store-- both buying things for tomorrow's party.  she was on foot.  i was on my bike.

when you only have a basket for a trunk, this is all it takes to be loaded down with groceries...
(looks a little bit like "what the world eats"... )
"what the world buys for a seven year old's birthday party: americans in denmark"

here's what it looks like all packed up...

the plastic easter eggs are in the black bag, which is looped around my seat so it doesn't fall off.  

will we pull off tomorrow's party?  and an early morning visit to the dentist for you-know-who?  i'm interested to know that answer myself.  

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nina said...

It's almost noon so the dentist must be behind you! Party away! Americans are great at throwing kid parties!