Friday, March 6, 2015


it's 11:19 so this will be a very short post.  i had my book club tonight.

gabriela, clove and cinnamon by jorge amado was the book.  i recommend it.  especially if you can read it in portuguese, but i loved it in english.

i made this dish, which was really quick (aside from roasting the peppers and taking the heads, tails, and legs (arms??) off the shrimps) and very tasty...

also, i ate a cricket from mexico.



nina said...

Are you in a hot and spicy mood? :) I am guessing that both the book and the shrimp dish are about as unDanish as they get! Do you have a Brazilian person in the book club? And a Mexican?
To warmer days, through food, literature or otherwise!

greg|regan said...

So true! There's not a lot of spice in Danish dishes. We have a woman from Chile who studied in Brazil then lived in the U.S. for many years and is now living in Denmark with her Danish husband and recently went to Mexico for a conference and brought back the crickets. Quite amazing!