Sunday, March 22, 2015

steering sticks and window washers in small worlds

if we'd both carried cameras around with us today, my and greg's pictures (wow, that's phrasally awkward, and, who knows, maybe grammatically incorrect, not to mention the fact that phrasally might not even be a word).  let me start over with a new sentence.  my pictures and greg's pictures would have looked very different.  he spent much of the morning outside (along with the boys) shoveling dirt, loading it into a wheelbarrow and putting it... places... ?  henry sat in the wheelbarrow with a 'steering stick' so the wheelbarrow wouldn't careen out of control.  this was for the outdoor workgroup we're on.  later he washed the windows around the house.

with a little help...

my morning consisted of various tasks inside the house.  the biggest contribution being sweeping and vacuuming.

we had the car again today but didn't use it.  in some ways our world here is smaller than it was in the u.s... taking bikes or public transportation or walking where we need to go means spending much more time in transit.  we marveled yesterday at how quickly we were home from the mall.  our perception of distances changes depending on how we get where we're going.  and our estimate of the amount of things we can do in a given day also changes.  so, we spend more time getting places and we put more effort into the transit part and we adjust our expectations for what we will do in a given day and all that means, very quickly, but now over a period of three years, that we do less and that's fine.  nice even.  if we had a car, i'm guessing we'd quickly readjust to doing more... which could be less nice.

in the late afternoon, as the boys were out playing somewhere and greg was preparing dinner, i took my computer upstairs and pulled up a 'yoga youtube channel' my cousin had sent me awhile back.  this followed a discussion with greg about how i know i need to exercise more.  more now than ever since i'm, well, a) trying not to get cancer again; b) trying to reduce the amount of fatigue i've been left with; c) trying not to reduce my level of activity-- i was probably more active during cancer treatment than i am now; and d) trying to reduce my risk of osteoporosis and heart problems now that i'm on an ovarian suppressor.

this channel has a '30 days of yoga' "experience" so i did day one and then emailed my sister to see if she'd want to do another 30 day challenge (if you remember, we did a 30 day sugar-free challenge in february... wait... no we didn't... it was just a sugar-free february challenge and not even a leap year could change the fact that it wasn't 30 days...).  the good news?  she said yes!

so now i wonder... could i live my life doing 28-30 day challenges? i kind of like that idea.  28-30 day challenges are my cup of tea.  that, or three year challenges.  i like those too.

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nina said...

Ah, no jackets on the men. That's a good sign.
I do rolls, not challenges. Like -- I am on a walking roll! Mustn't stop the daily walking, or else! Then I have to stop and it all ends. Until the next roll!