Thursday, March 19, 2015

time ago times

i was not good about taking pictures today.  it would have been a nice day to do it.  imagine sunshine.  imagine, even if you're as wimpy about the cold as i am, taking off your mittens, for at least one leg of one of today's three or so journeys.  imagine that if you weren't on your bike and weren't so wimpy about cool weather that you'd even go without your winter hat.  it was that nice.  so very, very close to what spring feels like.  you can imagine actual warm weather.  that it is possible.  that it might happen soon (though i see rain and even snow in the forecast in the next two days), because i haven't gone without at least gloves and a hood up (while biking) since who knows when last summer or fall.

speaking of long time ago times, i figured i should try and find a picture to put up today.  i'm on greg's computer since mine is upstairs being used for a little thinker.  he doesn't have a lot of pictures on his computer since most go on mine, but i did find this little gem of william just a couple weeks before his 5th birthday.  kind of makes me want to let his hair grow out to the point of well beyond needing a haircut.

actually, it grows so fast i don't even need to worry about "letting" it.

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