Monday, March 9, 2015

chop chop

today's photo... from the archives

also, chopping lots of onions;

turning bread dough into flutes.  can you call them that?

(i helped prepare dinner tonight for the community.)

washing dishes;

(and i helped with the clean-up.)

cleaning out the refrigerator drawers;

(our refrigerator drawers)

trips to the compost;

(in conjunction with tonight's dinner and the great refrigerator clean-up of 2015)

laundry-- always laundry;

and trying to make a piece of writing work (not this one) for some future post (not this blog);

(if anything ever becomes of it, i'll let you know.)

more 'neverending story'... i recommend it for kids who enjoy fantasy books.

that sums up my day, plus two cups of coffee-- which didn't take away my 'tired' headache.  so i think that means i need to get to bed earlier tonight.  but will i?  we've been up watching old 'poirot' episodes on netflix.  so i can probably go ahead and add that to today's list--

watching poirot past my bedtime.


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